F - You are born a liar and a thief.

Drawing-A-Day: Nov 17 & 18

I wasn't here this weekend, but I still drew.

First, Bootsie in about a year's time. Hey, she's going to need a part time job while she's going to school.
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Her hair's a little longer.

And then Sofia, Charlotte's mom and Leslie's ex-wife. She must be talking to Paolo, her current boyfriend.
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Paolo's not the sort of guy that can pull off facial hair.
F - You are born a liar and a thief.

[Drawing-A-Day] Nov 14 "Monster #35"

Today, I bring you a monster, because I haven't had a chance to draw today and I am tired and had kind of a sad afternoon. So, an oldie that hadn't been posted here. It was either that or Derringer-as-a-girl. Getting his hair washed. By his unimpressed boss who has no idea why Derringer's a girl now but doesn't really want to know. I'm just typing in sentence fragments now, so let's go on to the drawing for today.

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F - You are born a liar and a thief.

[Drawing-A-Day] Nov 12

"I never checked you out! When'd I check you out?"
"We were in Sears. You looked at a bikini, you looked at me out of the corner of your eye, you looked at the bikini again, and you got this really dorktastic grin on your face."
"Maybe I was just appreciating the fine stitching on the word 'Naughty'."
"Hey, if shiny thread tickles your pickle, I'm okay with that, but it was still kind of creepy to watch."
"Pft, if I creep you out so damn much, why'd you come back to my place?"
"You have Chex Mix, I do not."
"I don't have Chex Mix."
"You do. I bought it for you."
"I'm going to pour us a bowl. Go put a movie on."

Spoilers for future episodes of FH beyond the cut.

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