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[Drawing-A-Day] Nov 28, 29, and 30.

Drawings for the past three days. :)

1. Fox and Derringer, colored panel.
2. The source of rainbows, featuring a shirtless Derringer that may not be safe for work.
3. The former item should've alerted you to the fact that the medications are not good for my mental state, yeah? So, this one is Sam Winchester with a tail. A naughty tail.

What he actually said was "You tell someone that again, Maharassa, and I swear to God I'm gonna kick your scrawny ass."


Derringer's lucky jeans. Also, this is what happens if I don't pay attention when I'm drawing Derringer- like, if I'm just doodling and watching TV, I look down at the paper and suddenly he is in a state of undress.

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is combination wax and shaving.

And if you want an icon, well:


...I don't really have any excuse for this one. The meds were making me susceptible to weirdness?

I think Sam feels worse than the waitress.
Tags: 11-02 to 12-02 drawing-a-day, friendly hostility, the rare fanart

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