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"La Concordia" Bar + Cemetery

"La Concordia" Bar + Cemetery


Welcome to La Concordia, finest bar (only bar) in Scorch County, New Mexico. We've got a graveyard out back, and we reckon that one's pretty fine, too. No complaints as of yet.

There's a little art gallery in the back hall. Turn right when you get to the end. Don't go left, trust us on this one.

A little bit of advice: Tip the waitresses. Buy at least one round for everyone if you want to keep your skin. Above all, don't get on the sheriff's bad side.



August 20th, 2008

I'll admit that at a meeting this morning, I had a little trouble staying awake. To help keep myself awake, I drew a little comic on the notepad I had with me.

So, here is a very badly drawn comic, featuring Kitty and Leslie.

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I just like the way Leslie holds up three fingers.

April 28th, 2008

Hi, everyone! No new drawings, sadly, since my free time is nil lately, and the comic gets all my priority. However, I do miss having time to draw Whatever the Hell I Want (yes, it bears random capital letters), so one of the things I'm trying to do is get ahead and finish up this storyline, and hopefully I'll have some drawings posted by the end of the week. It ends July 4, and so far I'm about two weeks ahead. The comics are all scripted out, so all I have to do is draw them. I figured it might be fun to post my progress list here. :) You can keep track of how I'm going.

No spoilers beyond the cut except for the episode titles, and I suppose what you can guess from them.

[edit, May 6: *laugh* Well, so much for art. I'm having problem with one of the comics and after a busy weekend, I'm behind schedule once more.]

[edit, May 8: I fixed the issue with the comic in question by splitting it in two, and possibly adding another comic. It all flows a little more smoothly now. Since the other comic is already all finished, I'll scan it and post it here after the date it was supposed to air as a sort of deleted scene type of thing. :)]

[edit, May 15: So I tweaked the schedule. What this means is that on the 21st, there'll be two comics instead of one. Why? It works out better that way, trust me.]

Last Update: June 23, 2:57 pm.
June 25: 589: Translation: I'm glad to see you.
[x] layout [x] sketch [x] ink [x] erase [x] shade [x] scan

June 27: 590: Opportunistic.
[x] layout [x] sketch [x] ink [x] erase [x] shade [x] scan

June 30: 591: Affectionate.
[x] layout [x] sketch [x] ink [x] erase [x] shade [x] scan

July 2: 592: Guilty.
[x] layout [x] sketch [x] ink [x] erase [x] shade [x] scan

July 4: 593: Not even I saw that one coming.
[x] layout [x] sketch [x] ink [x] erase [x] shade [x] scan

December 4th, 2007

[FH] Sofia

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F - You are born a liar and a thief.
For the first time in awhile, I've been able to a) Get FH done before midnight, and b) finish a 5ideways page* on the same day.

To celebrate, have a drawing of Sofia.

You make a grown man cry.Collapse )

*Well, almost. The ink just dried and I just erased, so now I get to do the backgrounds.

December 2nd, 2007

So the thing is, sometimes Fox and Derringer, as Intrepid Reporters*, get to travel. Fox is down with this. He is all about the investigative journalism and helping out the little guy while bringing down the big bads. To him, this also translates to staying at really crappy motels, probably because if this was on his dime alone, that'd be all he could afford.

But Derringer, see, Derringer is used to the well-to-do lifestyle. He isn't really a 'spoiled rich kid' stereotype, but he doesn't get why Fox would WANT to stay in a motel where the doors face out when they could be in the very nice four-star place next door, which while not five star, has plenty of pillows and less roaches.

I figure they probably argue about it frequently, until there is an unfortunate incident involving an unusually nasty place and lice infestation.

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Derringer travels with a haircare duffel bag, see. He would be very annoyed at not having a reason to use his duffel bag for awhile.

And from that day on, no matter how much Fox thinks that staying at hotels with spas takes away from being an Intrepid Reporter, if there is a nice hotel, they'll stay there instead of the more modest place. Fox is okay with shaving his head, but dealing with a Derringer who is seriously cranky about having to shave his head? Not so much.

Aaaand that's it. I kind of regret ending the Drawing-A-Day thing on a sketchy note, but it is what it is. Phew, that was not as easy as I thought it'd be. I'd like to keep up at least an art-post a week, though. I'm going to go ahead and try it, and we'll see how it goes. :) Thanks for sticking around for the Drawing-A-Day challenge thing!

*Well, Intrepid Reporter and Photographer Cohort with Occasional Clever Insights.

December 1st, 2007

My friend buhfly is writing a zombie story. I drew her two characters, Dizzy and Mitchell.

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Phew, just one more day. :)
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